Blazing Glory. Little Big Horn, 1876 (Polychromed)

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In this second work of General Custer at the time of his famous last battle, Fernando Andrea has rendered a stunning recreation of the “Golden Cavalier” minutes before his terrible dead. As stated by Mr. Alexander in the above text, neither Custer’s weapons or garments could be found so most of the many representations of his looks at that day remain conjectural or simply erroneous. Supported by a long and very thorough research carried about by the artist, this new evocative sculpture could be justly tagged as the most faithful depiction ever released on the subject...
Height: 48 cm / 16,53 inch
Width: 28 cm / 11,02 inch
Depth: 16 cm / 6,29 inch
Weight: 5,7 kg / 12.56 lb.

Limited Edition: 20 Copies
Certificate of authenticity.