Le Roi Soleil, 1701

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In 1701 Hyacinthe Rigaud executed the famous portrait of Louis XIV that eventually would arguably become the most recognisable icon for the royal absolutism then prevalent in most European countries.

The king, then 63 years old, appears here in full coronation regalia but uncrowned; with the hand of justice lying on a stool, the sceptre of his grandfather Henry IV upside down, the Charlemagne’s sword upon his side and the Order of the Holy Spirit necklace around his chest.

He is dressing a splendid coronation robe decorated with golden fleurs-de-lis and matching court garments. An enormous wig and high heeled shoes compensates his short height (165cm) while (following the king’s suggestion) the robe appears draped over his shoulder opened enough as to show his legs dressed in tight silk stockings held by precious gathers as Louis, having being a ballet dancer in his youth, prided himself on his dancer’s legs.

This is the portrait of an arrogant aging man, as revealed by his face features in striking contrast with the flamboyant attire and decoration and despite Rigaud’s mastery to suggest a vigorous man.

By closely studying Rigaud’s painting and complementary iconography Fernando Andrea has finally created this stunning three-dimensional version of the famous painting.
Height: 31,2 cm / 12,28 inch
Width: 34,9 cm / 13,7 inch
Depth: 24,9 cm / 9,8 inch
Weight: 8 kg / 17,9 lb.

Limited Edition: 20 Copies
Certificate of authenticity.