Chasseur de la Garde

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Théodore Géricault (1791-1824) surely needs no further introduction to readers familiar with the history of art, and especially to those interested in the Napoleonic era. In fact, Géricault’s famous canvas of this Officier a Chéval de la Garde could be regarded as the epitome of the flamboyant cavaliers of the Imperial wars.

This work was the first painting ever presented by Géricault at the Salon of 1812, and it is a masterly composition perfectly reflecting the grandeur of a fascinating time. The magnificent equestrian portrait depicts Alexandre Dieudonné (a friend of the painter, serving at the time as a lieutenant in this legendary regiment), looking backward and ready to order a charge in the heat of the battle.

It has been observed that a certain premonitory feeling of defeat is present in the rider’s countenance. In fact, some months after the painting was finished, the invasion of Russia turned into a terrible disaster and even Dieudonné - then 34 - was missing somewhere in the endless snowy fields.

Now Fernando Andrea has recreated the famous canvas in an outstanding bronze developed after careful study of the original image. Andrea’s complex casting and masterful sculpting honor Géricault (not surprisingly, a favorite painter of his) and this romantic period of history.
Height: 51cm / 20.1 inch
Width: 26cm / 10.2 inch
Depth: 44cm / 17.3 inch
Weight: 13kg / 28.6 lbs

Limited edition: 20 Copies
Certificate of authenticity.