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Banner is a red roan blanket appaloosa born in 2000 and a remarkable noble horse that served Fernando Andrea to create this striking rendition of a standing horse in the style of traditional animal sculptures. Unlike other equestrian pieces released by Andrea Art Studio, there is no rider here but just the beauty of the nude animal in splendorous quietness and elegant simplicity.

As experienced riders know any horse is a unique, differentiated being showing particular character traits, of which it’s most expressive feature is probably the glance, masterfully captured here to produce not just the sculpture of a generic animal, but the real portrait of a particular mount now 19 years old: an “old timer” born in the USA and seasoned all trough a long life of adventurous riding across many different sceneries; including some western movies...
Height: 34,5 cm / 13,5 inch
Width: 40,2 cm / 15,8 inch
Depth: 14,1 cm / 5,3 inch
Weight: 8 kg / 17,6 lb.

Limited Edition: 20 Copies
Certificate of authenticity.