Le Trophée, 1806

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Eduard Detaille´s painting ‘Le Trophée’ - representing the taking of a Prussian flag in 1806 at the battle of Jena- has been the inspirational source to Fernando Andrea for the creation of this superb master piece.

The finesse and amazing crafting observed here are the result of mastery sculpting and casting supported by authoritative historical research going down to the most minute detail.
High end lost wax bronze
1:6 scale
Mongoy wooden base
Limited Edition: 20 Copies
Certificate of authenticity.

Height: 58 cm / 22.83 inches.
Width: 27,84 cm / 10.96 inches.
Length: 47,33 cm / 18.63 inches.

Approximate weight: 14kg / 29 lbs.